Entrepreneur Kid Raises $20,000+ on Kickstarter to Launch Book Series!

Entrepreneur Kid Raises $20,000+ on Kickstarter to Launch Book Series!

After a month of campaigning, Entrepreneur Kid’s Kickstarter campaign has come to an end, with the upstart having raised more than $20,000 in funds to launch the Entrepreneur Kid book series, a picture book series about real kids with real businesses.

With a total of $20,010 raised from 226 backers, the literary upstart will continue forward with the printing of its book series, which features the real-life stories of four kid CEOs and their businesses which include a sock company, a girl’s accessory company, an eco-friendly tech startup, and a lacrosse equipment company.

A generous 20% of Kickstarter funds will go directly to the Entrepreneur Kids featured in the books: Sebastian Martinez, Gabby Goodwin, Jason Li, and Rachel Zietz. An additional 10% of funds will be held in the newly created Entrepreneur Kid Scholarship Fund, to fund continued entrepreneurship education for young kids. The remainder will be used to order 2,000+ books, excepting 5% in Kickstarter fees and 3-5% of credit card processing fees.

The Entrepreneur Kid team is excited to see these books come to life. After seven months of planning and creation, it’s been an exhilarating journey. Over the next week, illustrator Li Zeng will work to solidify the final touches on book design, and author Erica Swallow will conduct a final copy edit to make sure the books are in tip-top shape for print. Technologist Dan Ndombe will launch an ecommerce platform on the series website and finalize four descriptive videos, one for each book — these are often called “book trailers” in the publishing industry, we learned!

The book series is expected to print by the end of May and will be in the hands of backers by late July. This summer, the books will launch on entrepreneurkid.com, Amazon, and other online retailers.

In the coming months, the team hopes to chronicle the making of the books and begin development of a number of complementary products, such as curriculum guides, problem-solving events, and extended storytelling about other Entrepreneur Kids around the world.

About Entrepreneur Kid

Entrepreneur Kid is focused on inspiring children everywhere to think creatively and solve problems. The initiative’s first project is the Entrepreneur Kid picture book series, which showcases the true stories of four real kid entrepreneurs who have started and continue to manage real businesses. Follow along as Sebastian Martinez, Gabby Goodwin, Jason Li, and Rachel Zietz become Entrepreneur Kids. Learn more at entrepreneurkid.com.